Make Your Own Texting Gloves

Make Your Own Texting Gloves

photo credit to snapcreativity

photo credit to mom4real

Jessica over at mom4real.com has created a simple DIY project for you to try out! Texing gloves! Imagine that it’s cold outside and you want to SMS your friend except that doing so would entail wrenching your poor fingers from the cozy recesses of your gloves. If you had a pair of smartphone-compatible “texting” gloves, however, you wouldn’t even be having that dilemma.

Here’s how to make your own from a pair of mitts you already own. Jessica already Googled them, and they were quite pricey but you can make your own for less than $1 per pair…whoop! Click the link below where it will take you to snapcreativity.com where you can see the full tutorial….

**Some mobile touch screens require an an electrical conductor, these gloves work on resistive screens

Make Your Own Texting Gloves