How To Make A Bamboo Trellis

How To Make A Bamboo Trellis


Bamboo is a wonderfully versatile building material and one of the world’s most renewable resources. It’s lightweight, strong, and flexible! Another plus is that bamboo can last 8 to 10 years before showing signs of deterioration! What do you need:

– 8 bamboo 2.5 cm diameter and 80 cm in length (2) 

– Measuring tape (3)

– Stiletto (4)

– Nylon rope (5)

Some plants have nice strong stalks to hold them up but others need our help. Peas, beans, and other vining vegetables need some sort of trellis to support their growth towards the sky. This project shows you how to easily build a bamboo trellis. Click the link below to begin…

How To Make A Bamboo Trellis