Footprint Bears Keepsake for Mommy or Daddy

Footprint Bears Keepsake for Mommy or Daddy

Image: craftymorning.com

Image: Unknown

If you want a piece of art to express the love between your families, or want to make a precious keepsake, or even want a unique gift, then there is no better than this footprint art project. It can be a pretty cool wall art, hanging on the wall of entryway and living room, and will amaze your guests. 

Oh how I just love hand and footprint art! Little kiddos have the cutest feet and hands, which just makes for fun art projects. They also make great keepsakes for parents, great for Mothers Day/Fathers Day! There are other footprint art projects, such as stepping stones and canvas art. Kids love getting involved, getting messy and creating works of art! The thing is, there are just too many fabulous ideas out there – I came across this awesome article over at Crafty Morning blog and had to share this craft with you! The actual source of the image is known, but looks easy enough to do!

Footprint Bears Keepsake for Mommy or Daddy

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