Easy Homemade Foosball Table and Checkerboard

Easy Homemade Foosball Table

and Checkerboard

Image: howdoesshe.com

Image: howdoesshe.com

Foosball, anyone? This fabulous little DIY project is so simple to create that even the kids can have a hand in making it. First of all, I love how cute it is, with lots of opportunities for decorating to suit your taste. Secondly, for the cheap and easily found materials it requires to build. I’m sure this mini game will keep the little ones occupied for hours.

What You Will Need:

1. Spray paint

2. Clear glaze spray

3. Acrylic paints (green, black, white and two colors of choice for the foosball players)

4. Paper cups

5. Clothespins

6. Lightweight foam balls (a ping pong ball or plastic ball would probably work just as well)

7. 6 – 36″, 5/16″ Wooden dowels

8. Exacto knife

9. Marker

10. Large cardboard box

11. Screwdriver 

12. Mini oreos (or just plain checker pieces)

13. 1 Straw 

14. Masking tape

It’s a super fun game and as kids, we used to spend hours playing! The really good thing about this project is that you probably have all the materials at hand already around the house!! Please visit howdoesshe.com via the link below for the full tutorial…

Easy Homemade Foosball Table and Checkerboard