DIY Linen Bread Bags – No More Moldy Bread!

DIY Linen Bread Bags –

No More Moldy Bread!

Chris Dalziel via attainable-sustainable.net

Chris Dalziel via attainable-sustainable.net

Even if you don’t bake your own bread, these bread bags are great for storing shop-bought bread in. Not only does it look waaaaay better than those horrible plastic wrappers, but it’s easier to keep closed, thus helping to prevent your bread from going stale or mouldy. This tutorial will make a bread bag suitable for bread made in most standard bread loaf tins. You can tweek the dimensions if you have abnormally large tins or a bread maker – Chris Dalziel is a contributing writer from attainable-sustainable.net who gives us a fantastic tutorial! 

Tools needed:

  • Sewing machine with straight stitch
  • Scissors or a way to cut the thread


  • Thread to match your napkin fabric
  • 1 – 100% linen dinner napkin — square with a plain edge. Choose a heavier linen fabric over a fine linen fabric. I used a 22″ x 22″ napkin.
  • 27″ length of ½” ribbon, braided seine twine, heavy jute string, or fancy kumihimo braid

Why is linen better? The woven fibers that comprise linen make it breathable and a wonderful material to preserve bread. Linen will keep the inside of a bread loaf soft and maintain the crisp crust better than another type of storage. I’m not saying a linen bread bag is a miracle worker that will keep bread from ever turning stale; it is just a far better option than paper or plastic! Give it a try and enjoy your bread for a few more days! Check out how its made via the link below:

DIY Linen Bread Bags – No More Moldy Bread!