DIY Firewood Rack

DIY Firewood Rack

photo credit to: diypete

photo credit to: diypete

A firewood storage rack is a great way to properly store firewood near your home, eliminating the need for several trips back and forth to your wood shed. A properly designed storage rack should keep the wood off the ground and be sturdy, allowing you to safely stack the wood onto the rack. Tools and supply list below:

  • Tools needed:

Miter Saw – I’d recommend a 12 inch miter saw.
Orbital Sander – Dewalt makes a nice one.
Kreg Jig – The K4 is what I have.
Drill – I use both Dewalt and Ryobi drills.
Tape Measure, Ruler, Pencil

  • Optional:

Clamps – Clamps are helpful for any project. I love to use JackClamps.
Circular Saw – I use a Dewalt 20 Volt Cordless Saw (Ryobi also makes a less expensive saw). A circular saw can be used if you do not have a miter saw.
Kreg Jig Face Clamp – Very handy.
Kreg Jig Right Angle Clamp – A must!
Speed Square

  • Supplies needed:

Wood Glue – I’d recommend Gorilla brand wood glue.
Box of 2 1/2 inch Kreg Screws
3 inch Wood Screws
1 1/4 inch Wood Screws

  • Wood:

QTY: 5 – 2×4 x 8 foot long boards
QTY: 4 – 2×6 x 8 foot long boards
QTY: 14- 1×6 x 6 foot long cedar pickets

I hope you find these firewood rack plans useful. This rack allows me to store my firewood close to my house, saving time and energy. Click the link below for the full tutorial (video and written)…..

DIY Firewood Rack