Build Your Own House

Build Your Own House

photo credit to pioneersettler

photo credit to pioneersettler

By following these simple steps below, you will be able to build your own home successfully. Joanna Medalla over at pioneersettler.com gives you hints and tips along the way to help you achieve your dream and has compiled this quick step-by-step for how to build your own house.

Step 1. Find and prepare the house site

Step 2. Construct the house footing and foundation

Step 3. Start the plumbing

Step 4. Pour concrete

Step 5. Build the framing, siding and roofing

Step 6. Start the interior work

Step 7. Working on the flooring, drywall, priming, trim

Step 8. Painting and finishing the house

Step 9. After construction cleaning and more finishing touches

Step 10. Exterior work and inspections

Head over to Joanna at pioneersettler.com now for more information by clicking the link below for more information….

Build Your Own House