7 Epic Backyard Cabins From Around the Web

7 Epic Backyard Cabins From Around the Web

7 Epic Backyard Cabins

7 Epic Backyard Cabins /shutterstock

Log cabins are a great way to build your own sustainable home, and with a little knowledge, the right tools, and some manpower, you can build your own for a fraction of the cost. You could make a backyard hideaway, a mother in law cabin, luxurious hunting lodge, a play house, a two story cabin, or a tiny home.

A sustainable home is also well-designed and laid out in such a way that it takes advantage of the things around it… As you make tentative plans for your building project, check to see what is already available and naturally occurring in the area you are building. What kind of earth is there? Clay? Sand? Lime? Rocks? All these are renewable and non-toxic. They also require little or no embodied energy – or the energy that goes into producing, transporting, deconstructing and decomposition of materials used in construction. Best of all, they’re absolutely free!

The best way to build an off-grid cabin will involve doing a lot of the work yourself. However, there will be a lot of information to learn about the process. We have found 7 epic backyard cabins for you to view and be inspired from – take a look here!

7 Epic Backyard Cabins From Around the Web