50 Creative Ways To Use Mason Jars

50 Creative Ways To Use Mason Jars

Chiot's Run via Flickr

Chiot’s Run via Flickr

Jam, pasta sauce, salsa — what do they all have in common? They all come packaged in Mason jars. Rather than recycling jars when they are empty, why not put them to good use? One of my weaknesses is a beautiful Mason Jar. They are so adorable and versatile! I love that I have cupboards full of them too, just waiting to be used for the next great project!

Originally invented in 1858 by John Landis Mason, these jars are also referred to as Ball jars(after the manufacturer), fruit jars or glass canning jars. While originally intended to preserve food during the home canning process, today, Mason jars are widely used for crafts, storage and other decorative purposes. Whether you want to reuse an empty jam jar or purchase new jars for a Saturday project, there is bound to be an idea that catches your interest here! Click the link below and get 50 ways to use them….

50 Creative Ways To Use Mason Jars

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