30 Pandemic Essential Items to Store

30 Pandemic Essential Items to Store

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Linda Loosli over at foodstoragemoms.com has created a list 30 Pandemic Essential Items to create in case of an emergency and medical supplies are needed in chance of a pandemic, flu or any other contagious disease. Keeping your family safe and healthy during a pandemic is your main goal and isolating your family from infected people until the disease has run it’s course. This could be an extended amount of time such as many months or even longer. Diseases can spread easily from person to person…in other words a pandemic is a global disease….its when a new disease emerges and begins to cause serious illness. It passes from person to person and then spreads worldwide… We are hearing about Ebola right? So why not get prepared? Here are a few ideas;

  • Stock up on food supplies in case of quarantines and food shortages

  • Enhance your immune system with good food, vitamins and exercise

  • Have basic medical supplies and kits stored inside your home

  • Storing water and having alternative ways to heat your home and cook your food

These are just to name a few… Head over to foodstoragemoms.com now for the full list of items…..

30 Pandemic Essential Items to Store