100+ School Lunch Ideas

100+ School Lunch Ideas

Image: onecrazyhouse.com

Sometimes busy mom’s get stuck for ideas for school lunches. so I thought I’d help out by sharing a different lunchbox idea each day this month! This article gives some much needed inspiration to make dinner times a little more fun and healthy for kids! Here are some other tips:

1) Stick to water in the drink bottle – most juices are full of sugar and make the drink-bottle smelly. They also don’t do a very good job of quenching thirst.
2) Think about what your child likes to eat at home and try to translate that into a lunch box option.
Vegetables are often overlooked in the lunch box. Try cutting up some carrot sticks or putting in a handful of cherry tomatoes.
3) Last night’s leftovers in a container with a small spoon can make a welcome change to the parade of endless sandwiches.

You could also write positive messages hidden inside their lunch box or a fun fact or joke to entertain your kids and their friends!


100+ School Lunch Ideas

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