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Blackberry Swirl Muffins with Honey Butter

Blackberry Swirl Muffins with Honey Butter ” I’ve been working on these muffins for weeks. At first they started off as a very different muffin, but I’m pretty excited about the final product I’ve come to share with you today. Even though it took me a while to get them perfected, it was totally worth …

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Orange Poke Cake with Honey-Orange Glaze

Orange Poke Cake with Honey-Orange Glaze When I’m looking for a quick and easy dessert, I often turn to poke cakes. It’s a great way to turn a boxed cake mix into something a little more fancy and unexpected, and the flavor combinations are endless! This orange poke cake is beyond dreamy! This cake will …

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Honey Bacon Brussels Sprouts

Honey Bacon Brussels Sprouts ” Brussels sprouts really get a bad rap. Most people say they hate them – but that’s because most people have never really tried them. If the only Brussels sprouts you’ve ever tasted were the frozen kind, boiled and served plain with no sauce or seasoning, of course you’d think they …

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Honey Beer Bread

Honey Beer Bread This Honey Beer Bread recipe from gimmesomeoven.com has made me so hungry! It’s the perfect beer bread recipe to have on hand for those nights when you need something easy to serve with soup or stew… it’s also the perfect recipe to have on hand when you’re just flat-out craving carbs. This recipe …

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Honey Garlic Meatballs

Honey Garlic Meatballs The honey garlic flavorings will add to any meal. Spaghetti will have a new flavor that it hasn’t had before. Meatball hoagies will get a new Italian kick. You can either serve them more fancy with toothpicks or in a big ole bowl. They’re juicy, tender, and the honey garlic sauce gives them …

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