Top 20 Halloween Bike Costumes Ever

Top 20 Halloween Bike Costumes Ever

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We have a great guest post today:

Written by Mads Phikamphon from the awesome site icebike.org.

Boo! Are you scared? You should be. Spooky things are happening around town this Halloween and it is time that you were a part of it. Every year, people go out for Halloween. You should too this year, maybe in one of the 20 epic Halloween bike costumes shown in the link below.

Bikes have been a part of our lives for ages, both as a species and as individuals. We have included them in nearly everything we do. So why not let our bikes be a part of Halloween festivities as well? Sure, you have to go to a party, blah blah blah. Does this really mean that you shouldn’t have an ounce of fun getting there? Stop thinking about taking a cab or *shudder* driving there.
Take your bike instead. Use one of the epic costume ideas above! Okay, so some of them may not be to your tastes, but that is the beauty of a costume. Add your own twist to it and make it scream awesome from every fibre. Together with your bike, you will be able to make for one scary apparition ghosting down the streets this holiday season. For all designs, please check out icebike.org via the link below! HAVE FUN!

Top 20 Halloween Bike Costumes Ever