9 Tips To Afford A Homestead

9 Tips To Afford A Homestead

Want to know if you can afford to run a homestead? Would you like some helpful tips? Look no further… Maat from over thefrugalchicken.com has some awesome tips shared for FREE!

‘ I think there’s a lot of misinformation and myths that are around regarding homesteading, namely that it’s an expensive process, or it’s too hard to afford a homestead or you have to have a lot of land to start.

While a homestead, like anything, can be an expensive process, it doesn’t have to be, and I certainly know a ton of urban homesteaders making it work in tiny apartments and 1/4 acre plots.

I’d like to share with you how we afford to homestead. And we’re regular people, like you.’ ~ Maat thefrugalchicken.com

For more information on how to afford your own homestead, click here and head over to Maat:

9 Tips To Afford A Homestead