Cheesy Ground Beef And Rice Casserole

Cheesy Ground Beef And Rice Casserole

Image: ohsweetbasil.com

” People love this cheesy ground beef and rice casserole and while it’s totally simple I know why. This quick and easy dinner idea rice casserole with ground beef and melted cheese is in fact the cure for all picky eaters. It’s very dependent on you for the seasoning so for picky eaters it’s perfect, but if you want more flavor season it well or add in more vegetables. “

Ground beef is a staple in many family’s food budgets. It’s cheap and delicious and almost everyone likes it. Ground beef recipes are often the backbone of dinner at our house and likely at your house, too. My husband isn’t a huge fan, he’s more of a chicken dinner type of person. This is fine but me and the kids prefer beef, so these recipes above get used very well!

When you need a meal in a hurry but don’t have time to go to the store and don’t want to eat take-out, this is the one to head too. We always have a stock of ground beef in the freezer ready to roll! Enjoy!

Cheesy Ground Beef And Rice Casserole

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