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Jello Sherbet Ice Cream

Jello Sherbet Ice Cream If anything can brighten up your day it will be this Jello Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream with its creamy bright colors and flavors to match. It’s sure to make your day just that much more colorful. And what day couldn’t use just a bit more color in it? The best part about …

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Champagne Strawberry Jello

Champagne Strawberry Jello These Strawberries and Champagne Jello Shots are a classy way to ring in the new year! Your guests will love the toasty champagne flavor mixed with the fresh strawberries! These Strawberry Champagne Jello Shots are stunning to serve and will totally impress everyone at your party! Leave your guests wanting more classy jello shots …

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How To Make Jello Flu Shots

How To Make Jello Flu Shots Easy, fun and flavorful, these gelatin flu “shots”* are made by infusing immune boosting herbs in finger gelatin (you can eat with your fingers rather than a spoon) made with fruit juice. Your family will get the necessary immune boosting herbs and vitamins they need to help fight against …

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DIY Play Dough: A Jello Spin on a Classic Favorite

DIY Play Dough: A Jello Spin on a Classic Favorite Kids love mixing, slurping, squishing, and smelling. They love creating, building, and learning new things with their hands. You love playing with your kids and helping them grow. This wonderful recipe for jello play dough has all the bases covered. Take your average play dough-making …

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Valentine’s Day – Layered Jello Squares

Valentine’s Day – Layered Jello Squares Do you like jello? I thought a fun desert for Valentine’s Day would be nice! This jello layered desert from HeatherLikesFood.com is just what I am after! My husband LOVES jello (so do I), I seem to always be boiling water to make his fave treat! This is a refreshing …

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